Look to Save Animals was started by a concerned 5th grade student from Sag Harbor, NY, that wanted to raise awareness about endangered species.

To start, 50 handmade animal discs will be hidden in nature preserves and beaches. More discs are on the way!  Each disc is decorated with an endangered species. When a person finds the disc they get to keep it. All we ask is that you visit this website to register your disc and take a moment to read about the animal that appears on your disc.

Each disc will be numbered and have "LookToSaveAnimls.com" on the backside. Discs can be found in any Southampton Township Trail, Long Pond Green Belt Trail or in the Mashomack Preserve.  Please never disturb nature when looking for discs.  You will never have to move anything, other than a leaf maybe, to find a disc.  All discs found in nature preserves will be within 3 feet of walking trails.  

Calendar of Events

October Events:


Come meet us at the Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt Celebration.

Saturday, October, 12th 10:00 - 1:00.  This event will take place in Vineyard Field behind SoFo.  This is a free event and will be a lot of fun.


SoFo is located at:

377 Bridgehampton
Sag Harbor Turnpike
Bridgehampton NY 11932 

Contact:  looktosaveanimals@gmail.com

Like our Facebook page for hints  


Disc 1:                                                                                         

Disc 2:  Isabella O. By a bench at Vineyard Field behind SOFO 4/27/19

Disc 3:

Disc 4:

Disc 5:  Lily C. By the rock at Long Beach, Sag Harbor 4/17/19

Disc 6: Desmond O. inside a hole in a tree at Emma Rose Elliston Park, Southampton 4/27/19

Disc 7:

Disc 8:

Disc 9: Krista B. Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island 4/28/19

Disc 10:

Disc 11:

Disc 12:

Disc 13: Kaiden W. Circle Beach Sag Harbor 6/21/19

Disc 14: Madeline Q. Vineyard Trail behind SoFo, under a broken bench, Bridgehampton 4/24/19

Disc 15:

Disc 16:  Vasil P. Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island 4/29/19

Disc 17: Maya & Zoey M. In a tree at Circle Beach, Sag Harbor  4/17/19

Disc 18: Lori B. Mashomack Preserve, Shelter Island 6/4/19

Disc 19: Kaiden W. at Trout Pond, Sag Harbor 4/24

Disc 20:  Frank C. Trout Pond, Sag Harbor 4/12/19

Disc 21:  Elle M. Under a long log at SOFO Bridgehampton 4/27/19

Disc 22:

Disc 23:

Disc 24: SoFo Visitor Vineyard Trail, Bridgehampton 4/14/19

Disc 25:

Disc 26:

Disc 27:

Disc 28:

Disc 29:

Disc 30:

Disc 31:

Disc 32: Nicholas D & Brian S.  Hamlet to Hamlet footpath, Long Pond Green Belt Sag Harbor 4/23/19

Disc 33:

Disc 34: Nicholas D. Hamlet to Hamlet foot path, Long Pond Green Belt, Sag Harbor 4/22/10

Disc 35:

Disc 36: Ryan M. & Carolyn P. In an evergreen tree at Circle Beach, Sag Harbor 4/21/19

Disc 37:

Disc 38: Lily C. Vineyard Field, Bridgehampton 10/12/19

Disc 39:

Disc 40: Kaiden W. at Circle Beach Sag Harbor 5/2/19

Disc 41:

Disc 42: Kirra K. at Big Fresh Pond, Southampton 11/10/19

Disc 43:

Disc 44:

Disc 45: Rowan D. Vineyard Field, Bridgehampton 10/12/19

Disc 46:

Disc 47:

Disc 48: Donna S. Mashomack Preserve, Shelter Island 5/19/19

Disc 49:  Tessa M and Olivia V. in a log by a small pond at SOFO Bridgehampton 4/27/19

Disc 50: Ellis D. Vineyard Field, Bridgehampton 10/12/19

Found Discs

Disc 51:

Disc 52:

Disc 53:

Disc 54:  Ginny Sag Harbor Beach 5/18/19

Disc 55:

Disc 56:  Sam M. Emma Rose Elliston Park 11/29/19

Disc 57:

Disc 58::

Disc 59: Lily C. Under a bush at Circle Beach, Sag Harbor 6/27/19

Disc 60: Lindsay Inside a tree in Mashomack, Shelter Island 5/18/19

Disc 61: 

Disc 62:

Disc 63:

Disc 64:

Disc 65: 

Disc 66: Jordan P. Mashomack Nature Preserve, Shelter Island 5/20/19

Disc 67: Kryn O. Under bench at Haven's Beach Sag Harbor 5/8/19

Disc 68:

Disc 69:

Disc 70:

Disc 71:

Disc 72:

Disc 73:

Disc 74:  

Disc 75:

Disc 76:

Disc 77:

Disc 78:

Disc 79:

Disc 80:

Disc 81: Suzanne J. Long Pond Greenbelt 10/18/19 

Disc 82: Lily C. Circle Beach 8/15/19

Disc 83:

Disc 84:

Disc 85:

Disc 86:

Disc 87: Zoe E. Long Beach, Sag Harbor 6/25/19

Disc 88: Anonymous Trout Pond 7/23/19

Disc 89: Lucas H. Circle Beach 8/27/19

Disc 90:

Disc 91:

Disc 92:

Disc 93:

Disc 94:

Disc 95:

Disc 96:

Disc 97:

Disc 98:

Disc 99:

Disc 100: