Endangered Animals

Please take a few minutes to learn about the endangered animals that appear on the animal discs. 

Let's work together to help these animals.

Tiger Salamander


Habitat loss and the pollution of breeding ponds lead to the decline of the tiger salamander population.  The loss and degradion of vernal ponds and wooded uplands are the main threats to tiger salamanders.  NY state needs to create legislation to protect vernal ponds to protect the animals, such as the tiger salamander, that live and breed in them.  Write your assembly person to let them know that this is a concern. Development around vernal ponds destroy critical habitat for salamanders  Pollution from insecticides, runoff and fertilizers may kill eggs and larvae or make the ponds uninhabitable.  Protection or acquisition of breeding ponds and surrounding habitats is important.



Look to Save Animals was started by a concerned 5th grade student from Sag Harbor, NY, that wanted to raise awareness about endangered species.

More than 100 handmade animal discs have been hidden in nature preserves and beaches. More discs are on the way!  Each disc is decorated with an endangered species. When a person finds the disc they get to keep it. All we ask is that you visit this website to register your disc and take a moment to read about the animal that appears on your disc.

Each disc will be numbered and have "LookToSaveAnimls.com" on the backside. Discs can be found in any Southampton Township Trail, Long Pond Green Belt Trail or in the Mashomack Preserve.  Please never disturb nature when looking for discs.  You will never have to move anything, other than a leaf maybe, to find a disc.  All discs found in nature preserves will be within 3 feet of walking trails.  

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